Frozen Organic Chicken Breast with Skin

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Frozen Organic Chicken Breast with Skin

This comprises of two frozen succulent pieces of organic chicken breast that includes the skin for amazing flavour and texture. Frozen in time, this meal choice ensures maximum freshness when you are ready to cook and eat.

Weight can vary but is typically around 340-500 grams.


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Organically Reared Fresh Frozen Halal No Hormones

Frozen Organic Chicken Breast with Skin

This comprises of two frozen succulent pieces of organic chicken breast that includes the skin for amazing flavour and texture. Frozen in time, this meal choice ensures maximum freshness when you are ready to cook and eat.

Weight can vary but is typically around 340-500 grams.

About Us

Halal Origins is an online butcher that is dedicated to delivering the highest quality, organic meat, that has been slaughtered in line with the Islamic halal requirement.

All of our products are sourced from local farms that commit to the highest standards of welfare during their animals’ lives. The animals are reared for at least 80 days, allowing them to grow and develop fully without the use of steroids or antibiotics. Our farmers let their animals graze on grass for the entirety of their lives. We believe that nature knows best and this translates to the highest quality meat with the most abundant flavour on your plate.

At Halal Origins, we endeavour to provide you with the best and fastest service because we understand that it relates to sacred moments in your family’s home – dinner time.

Dinner time is not just a period of restocking energy and nutrition, it’s a coming together between loved ones, and we are honoured to be part of that ceremony.

We pledge to provide you and your family with fresh, high-quality organic meat, that is delivered on time – every time.

So, don’t hesitate, and order your halal, organic meat from Halal Origins today and grant us the pride of serving you and your family.

Organic Meat

All Halal Origins meat is either certified organic or acknowledged to be organically reared. This means that neither antibiotics, steroids, nor unnatural ingredients are fed to the animals at any stage of their lives.

This is because we believe that animals that lead a natural life produce higher quality and healthier meat for us to enjoy. The adage goes that we are what we eat, but we believe it goes further to include what our food eats. This means we are also what our animals eat, so we only source meat from organic farms that only feed their animals on grass pastures.

If you see phrases like certified organic and organically reared, do not fret or feel confused. Be assured that in both instances the animals have lived and enjoyed life at the same high standards of welfare. The only difference is their treatment during slaughter.

The body that certifies meat as organic has shown resistance to certain aspects of the Islamic tradition of slaughter, which does not include stunning the animals before death. Because of this, they do not permit the use of the phrase organic, even though the animals have lived an organic life on an organic diet in the same way as other organic produce. For this reason, we use the phrase ‘organically reared’.

You can learn more about this topic via our blog titled: Stunned to be organic.

Halal Origins is committed to delivering the highest quality organic meat in record time. We value each and every customer no matter how small or large the order. This is because we understand that the food we deliver is nourishing you and your family as you come together.

So, do not hesitate and grant us the blessing of serving you and your family the best organic meat you can find. You won’t be disappointed.


Halal Origins takes delivery of fresh carcasses every single day. All of our meat comes directly from the farms that we work closely with and we cut and package the meat ourselves prior to your onward delivery. We never order more than we need to ensure that your meat remains fresh and tasty.

We use top-of-the-range fridges and freezers to ensure that our meat stays below temperatures where bacteria can grow. Once you have placed an order, we cut the meat and vacuum pack it immediately, and then we place the delivery box back in the fridge until it is collected by our courier service.

Every delivery box has cooling aids to ensure that the contents of the box stay as cool as possible. Our delivery provider also transports the ingredients in specially cooled vans to ensure that the meat stays below 4 degrees until it reaches your front door.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our produce and keeping your meat as fresh as possible during delivery is a crucial part of that process. We are so confident in the freshness of our products that we are happy to give you a refund if you can demonstrate that we have not met our high standards.

One of the ways we ensure that your meat stays fresh is by having a very fast delivery time.

So, waste no time; check out your favourite cuts of meat, place an order and enjoy our succulent meat.


All of the produce on our website is Halal and follows the traditional ceremonies required under the Islamic faith. This includes the Bismail prayer, not stunning the animals before slaughter and draining their blood completely. This not only ensures adherence to God but also ensures that a high standard of hygiene is met.

So you can order from us with absolute confidence that you are serving your family and eating high quality, organic Halal meat.

Halal Origins is on a mission to increase awareness of the benefits of buying Halal meat. We believe that it is a positive step towards inclusivity because buying Halal meat ensures that non-muslims are able to share meals with their Islamic friends. For far too long there has been an awkwardness surrounding dinner parties and gatherings where there is a mixture of cultures, but buying Halal meat solves that problem.

The same is true when going out for dinner. Very few restaurants cater for the Islamic community, but Halal Origins is on a mission to expand the horizon of food serving venues to ensure that Muslims enjoy the same freedom as non-muslims when dining out. This is why Halal Origins is the choice supplier of several well-known boutique restaurants, hotels, and cafes.

So, join the movement and order from Halal Origins today.

On a personal note, it is our blessing to serve you and the Islamic community and we hope by doing so we bring everyone closer to God.

No Hormones

All of our meat is organically reared. This means that the animals live a high-standard of life before they come to market, and they are free of any hormones, antibiotics. Their diets are also free of pesticdies or any unnatural products.

We believe that nature knows best and the quality of the animals meat is determined by the quality of their lives and diet. Our customers also agree because they swear by the high-quality of our organic produce. Unfortunately, most mass market products are filled with anti-biotics to prevent mass-farmed animals from becoming sick, owing to the cramped conditions they live under. This creates resistance to the antibiotics, which means viruses evolve to become immune to them. This doesn’t only affect the animals, but reduces how effective antibiotics are on us when we get sick. For this reason, we believe that it is in everyones best-health interests to steer away from animal meat that has been dosed with antibiotics.

The same is true of hormones. To increase the speed at which mass-farmed animals grow to market weight, they are given hormones. This means the animals do not develop naturally, and their meat and bones are subsequently affected.

Halal Origins sources its meat from sustainable organic farms that rear their animals for at least 80 days, which gives the animals time to mature and enjoy the freedom of the outdoors. They graze naturally on grass and clover, which they forage. This exercise and their natural diet spells the difference between heathy, high-quality meat as nature intended.

We do not sacrifice the quality of our animals diet and neither should you sacrifice yours.

We take great care in providing you this product information however it is done in good faith and should not be considered a substitute for the information on the producer’s label. All products are subject to change which may affect the ingredients list and/or allergy advice given on this website. If you require further information please contact the producer direct using the information in this website or on the product label.